Get Wild at the Center for Puppetry Arts Rainforest Adventures

“Are you scared?” I whispered to my daughter as the lights dimmed and the pint-sized audience anxiously waited to see what would happen first. There was something magical, but also tense, about watching a jungle set spring to life with music that made me feel like I had stepped into the Amazon. “No! It’s just […]

Monkeys, Sharks, and Rum in Nicaragua’s Colonial Granada

“What are you looking for?” My husband asked me as we hit the 80-degree evening air, a stark contrast from the 40-degree winter we left behind. I stopped rolling my suitcases to the car and looked up. “What is that noise?” It wasn’t that I had never heard squawking in the trees before. It was […]

Off the Beaten Path Places to See Santa Around Atlanta

I kind of hate malls. Okay, I actually really despise malls unless they serve a really specific purpose like going to Legoland at Phipps Plaza or the times I would take the kiddos to run around before Lenox opened on a rainy day. And although I totally see what the rage is all about with […]

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