Funky Atlanta Art Installations Your Kids Need to See

When I lived in New York, one of my favorite spots was the Socrates Sculpture Park where oversized statues of things like bigfoot prevailed. You could also kayak there for free and see movies. When we moved to Atlanta, I craved that same funky art and was surprised to see how much of it was around town if you just look. But somehow I missed how much art Atlanta really has to offer until I had kids and they started noticing all of the murals, tiny doors and installations around Atlanta.

Here are some of my favorite spots to explore:

Tiny Doors ATL

These pint-sized tiny doors are an evolving installation and interactive part of the community dedicated to free and accessible art. If your kids are like mine, they’ll try to open these little wonders to see if elves, dwarves or leprechauns might be hiding inside. Tiny Doors has been enchanting the city since 2014 and hosts ribbon cuttings for new installations to celebrate their openings.

For the latest doors and locations, go here.



Art on the Atlanta Beltline

Photo: Wikimedia Commons (Robert Neff) – Atlanta BeltLine Art Sculptures

Atlanta’s largest temporary art exhibition lives at the Atlanta BeltLine winding through its trees, trails and old railways. Hundreds of visual artists, performers and musicians contribute to the exhibitions and are displayed through the BeltLine corridor.

I like to grab a coffee and treats for the kids at the downstairs market at Parish, then walk down the BeltLine to watch the skateboarders before stopping in at Ponce City Market for a game of mini golf on the roof or a cold drink.


Smith Gilbert Gardens

The collection at Smith Gilbert Gardens features sculptures like “Man in the Moon”, “Woman and Dog” and “Bird in Hand”. Located in Kennesaw, the gardens host events for kids like Young Explorers, Garden Stories and Homeschool Days. A butterfly house and Japanese Maple Grove are just some of their points of interest, but kids will love the Southern Living Pollinator Garden with the chance to blow oversized soap bubbles complete with sensory planting stations so kids can check out animal topiaries, vegetable beds, and a weaving station.

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Living Walls Atlanta 

Living Walls works to promote contemporary, thought-provoking art created with intentionality and community support. That translates into fantastic murals and painted history on our city’s buildings and walls. You’ve probably seen the artwork around at over 100 public murals featured throughout the Atlanta area with collaborating artists from Miami, South Africa, Rome, Barcelona, and Moscow. Have a budding Picasso? Kids can get in on the action by volunteering to help artists.


Playable Art Park

My daughter is a natural artist with a keen interest in turning anything into a painting, dress, sculpture or collage. And the Playable Art Park in Sandy Springs is right up her alley. But it’s also a great way to introduce kids who aren’t as enthusiastic about art to their creative side. My husband is a Creative Director and I’m a writer, and we firmly believe creativity is born from inspiration and resourcefulness. So when our son spends all day taking

My husband is a Creative Director and I’m a writer, and we firmly believe creativity is born from inspiration and resourcefulness. So when our son spends all day taking blocks in and out of boxes, we know he’s creating. And when my Dad is finding solutions to something he’s working on with his computer, we know he’s creatively brainstorming.



Attraction Tips: If you want something more traditional around Atlanta, try the High Museum of Art on the second Sunday of the month where everyone gets in free


What are your favorite art installations around Atlanta? Let me know by leaving a comment below!