Get Wild at the Center for Puppetry Arts Rainforest Adventures

“Are you scared?” I whispered to my daughter as the lights dimmed and the pint-sized audience anxiously waited to see what would happen first. There was something magical, but also tense, about watching a jungle set spring to life with music that made me feel like I had stepped into the Amazon. “No! It’s just […]

The Fox Theatre For Kids

In my former life as a DINK (double-income-no-kids) in NYC, I worked as a freelance video editor on commercials, freelance writer and worked a 2-year-stint as the Multimedia Director at a Broadway marketing firm that sent tours around the country including to the Fox Theatre. So it’s an understatement to say I have a big […]

Not Just for Kids: Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta

Puppets use to freak me out before we had kids. And the last time I had been to a puppet show before kids was in Budapest where I was covering family travel for a publication I work with. My husband and I sat among adorable, Hungarian kindergartners and smiled when the kids erupted into laughter […]